Month: October 2011

1 in 10 Parents are distracted by their children when driving!

For  those of us with children we will all be looking forward half term. As more and more families will be taking to the roads for days out and family visits. Did you know that 1 in 10 parents admit they get distracted by their children when driving this can lead to disastrous consequences. Recent research by Post Office also shows that 20% of parents find it much harder to concentrate on the road when their children are younger and aged between four and seven. In fact they are the most likely to cause more than half of the distractions in the family car. Help my two are five and eight ! I totally understand how difficult it can be. First they are board, they they squabble and then they need the toilet. Gone are the days before children when my parent and I could travel three hundred miles in a matter of hours to see a concert. In fact now a day out is like a milatery operation. Snacks, games, wet wips and the like. In fact only 8% of parents never let themselves get distracted by their children. They must be super human! Chatter is the main cause of  distraction for 58% of parents, while staggering 64% find it hard to concentrate on driving if their children are fighting with one another. This distraction is not only dangerous for...

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Forget Poor Yorick “Contract Hire Gap Insurance ” that is the Question!

So you have just taken you fab new contract hire vehicle. You got a good deal and all is well with the world. Contract Hire Gap Insurance well OK you know the risks but really I mean what are the chances? The chances are higher than you think, and you may be storing up a ticking time bomb. Do you know anyone who has had the house broken into? Mmm me too. Did you know that you are almost as likely to have your house broken into as you are to have your vehicle written off! In fact an estimated 600,000 vehicles are written off in the UK each year. With the cost of repairs rising this figure is set to rise. After all no -one in ther right mind would not insure their home with buildings and contents insurance so why not their vehicle with motor insurance and gap insurance? So what happens if your contract hire vehicle is written off after all you never own the vehicle so why should it matter to you? Your own motor insurance company will only pay you the vehicles valuation on the day it was written off. Your contract hire company will then send you a settlement letter. Bear in mind that your contract hire company will have based your rentals not only on how much you are paying monthly over...

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