Month: April 2012

Well Done “What Car”

What Car as long been a source of information for UK drivers with news and reviews and buying guides. In fact we have been singing the praises of What Car’s depreciation calculator for a long time. While no-one can ever say will absolute certainty exactly how much a vehicle will be worth over a period of time, the experts at What Car have used all their accumulative knowledge and current trends to predict what a car could be worth at the end of a set period of time. While the What Car calculator it is not for the faint hearted it can and really does help when considering claim limits for gap insurance. The good news is that What Car have done it again! This time What Car have turned their expertise to fuel economy. Traditionally we have had to rely on economy figures produced by the manufactures. While we are not suggesting that these could be inaccurate the manufacture will naturally conduct the tests in a controlled environment. We do not drive in a controlled environment and we  don’t  know anyone that does so relying on manufactures figure can leave prospect owners unhappy with the actual fuel consumption figures they get. This is backed up by What Car ‘ s finding which in most cases are a lot lower then the already published manufactures guides. What Car  found...

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Insurance Fraud Epidemic!

Insurance fraud costs us all millions and millions of pounds every year and it is reaching epidemic proportions. Even though ultimately we all bear the brunt by way of increased insurance premiums it seams a growing of us still submitting fraudulent insurance claims. According to a recent report by Experian ( credit rating agency )  the rates of insurance fraud are up again. Statistics taken from Experian show that 11 in every 10,000 applications and claims in 2011, where fraudulent. That is a massive 23 % rise from 2010. There figures also show that 89% of insurance fraud seams to come from a certain demographic of our population. Young, poorly-educated individuals living in small towns by comparison middle-aged, middle and skilled working class individuals  and young, well-educated professionals accounted for a still stocking 43% of all cases. Even more worrying is that right across the UK’s financial services sector the overall rate of fraud at point of application increased again by 4% last year. This takes the total to just over 17 in every 10,000 insurance and FSA regulated applications....

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If you have a spare £84,450 Nissan have got an Idea?

Just in case you do have a spare £84450 lying around for fancy raiding the piggy bank Nissan have got a real Boys Toys Idea in the form of the Nissan GT-R ” Track Pack ” With just 22 Nissan dealership in the UK being able to promote the car we are sure it will be in high demand. This version of the GT – R was made fro the rel enthusiasts who wanted something that they could use for fun on track days and still be road legal. Surprisingly the New Nissan GT-R is exactly the same speed as the standard model which is a very respectable 0-62 in 2.8 seconds. The however some big differences with the new Nissan loosing its back seats. Instead it now has two track ready front sports seats, upholstered in part leather. The special high friction fabric has been designed to help to keep the driver and passenger to the seats during track day cornering and braking. Special suspension means that the Nissan is more fun on the track with adjustable dampers which can be used or switched  to road use. Just to make us feel even more special the new Nissan GT-R ‘Track Pack’ is only available to Japanese and Uk...

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Did you buy one of the Top ten New Car’s

Buying any new car is always exciting, especially on a new registration month. Granted there is perhaps not the same hype as the old 1st of August when customers used to collect their new car’s at midnight. Garages used to hold open champagne breakfasts to see the new cars off but it is still exciting. New cars have a particular smell unlike anything else. So are we still holding true with our love affair with all things Ford and German? So what where the top ten best selling new cars in March this year? Ford Fiesta Vauxhall Corsa Ford Focus Volkswagen Golf Vauxhall Astra Nissan Qashqai Volkswagen Polo Toyota Yaris Peugoet 207 BMW 3-Series This is a big change from the top ten best selling  new car ‘s of 2011. Ford Fiesta Ford Focus Vauxhall Cotrsa Vauxhall Astra Volkswagen Golf Vaxhall Insigna Volkswgan Polo Peugoet 207 Mini BMW 3 series Vauxhall last lost the Insignia, Mini has disappeared totally, and the Quashia is racing ahead of firm favourites such as the Polo and the Yaris. No surprise to see that the Ford Fiesta and Focus are still the nations favorities holding on to the first and third positions.   But as our tastes change and we are all looking for added value for money how long will it take for relavitivly unranked bnrands who now offered extented warranty perisds...

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No-One Makes Bad New Cars!

There is not one manufacture who makes a bad new car. With technological advances, we have leapt forward in safety, fuel economy and reliability so why do some new cars lose money value a lot quicker than others. Why should the rates of depreciation even matter when you are buying a new car? At the moment some new cars are very sort after. The Land Rover range for example has never been so popular. German engineering also means that the Audi Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes ranges are also very valuable even as a used car. Some models are even seen as fashion accessories. But just like high street fashion the trend for certain makes and models of new cars can change. Admittedly it normally takes a long time but it can change nevertheless. Before you buy any new car some of us would decicde a budget and then start to compare various models within a certain parameter.  But this is not the whole story. For various reasons some cars even purchased at the same price will be worth a lot less in two three of four years time. This means that to really compare any list of new car’s you really should look at the rates of depreication for example Lets say that you have £12500 to spend to buy a new car. You are un decided which new...

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