Month: May 2012

Forget Gap Insurance With just TCF you need TCD

Gap Insurance has come along way since its humble beginnings as a form of finance and contract hire gap insurance in the USA. ┬áIn fact in a recent survey it is now estimated that a massive 40 % of customers eligible for the cover take advantage and protect themselves with some form of gap insurance. You may be aware that in the UK all sales of gap insurance are regulated by the financial services authority. They are there ( although shortly to be replaced by a leaner meaner authority ) to ensure that customers are treated fairly in all aspects of the policy. This is sometimes called treating customers fairly – TCF . The idea being that which ever company or gap insurance supplier you chose that will act in a fair and proper manor right the way through the length of the policy. As such the many insurance bodies got together and decided that in the interests of TCF it would be wise offer even more. For example cancellable documents which allow a pro rata refund. As a result one of our website sponcors Gap Insurance 1 2 3 have been working hard behind the sences with the insurance companies and administrators and added additional features to thier already feature rich policies. Early this week Gap insurance 1 2 3 documents had a major revamp and are now...

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