Month: August 2012

Are you worried choosing the best gap insurance?

With so much information online and from your dealership how do you know which level of gap insurance to buy. Lots of members of the public can get very stressed and confused about choosing the best levels of cover, so lets take some of the stress away lets make gap isurance easy just as it should be.

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Gap Insurance do you know your rights?

So your are thinking about buying a gap insurance policy do you know you gap insurance rights? Do you understand about cooling off rights and how long they are? What happens if you change you mind and who you need to talk yo if you are not happy?

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Can you renew Gap Insurance?

We are all keeping our vehicles longer in fact the average length of ownership of a car is now 63 months. So if you buy a three year gap insurance policy and then decide to keep your vehicle longer can you simply renew you policy or do you leave yourself exposed?

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