Month: September 2012

Top 5 Gap Insurance Gaffs!

There are lots of gap insurance misunderstandings. Some can in fact be very funny, and some what un believable. Everything from reasons to take an exotic holiday, to learning a new language or if you simply what to find out the real truth is why not have a look at our top five list!

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Do you think we are Changing our New Car Buying Habits?

If you have just bought a new car why did you chose one model over another? What is the color, the specification or drive? These used to be a typical list of reasons as to why we bought one model over another but our buying habits are changing as we become more cost ware into the real life costs of car ownership.

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UK Government Puts Green Issues at the Heart of Company Cars!

Company Cars are no longer always the perk that they used to be. However the Government is trying to help by way of additional taxation breaks for business owners and company car drivers who chose the greener and more environmentally aware options in its latest attempt to encourage us all to think and now drive green.

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