Month: February 2013

A government investigation says £23 million worth of parking fines have wrongly been issued

When was the last time you were issued a Government parking fine? An investigation carried out by the UK Government Department for Transport has found that up to £23 million worth of parking of fines may have wrongly been issued to drivers due to wrongly constructed signs. The Government investigation found that hundreds of thousands of parking fines in the UK may have wrongly been issued, as a result of councils not using the correct signs that have not been approved by the Government. The amount of parking tickets have significantly increased over the years and according to a...

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Motor Car Dealership owner Jailed

A Motor Dealership owner has been jailed for trying to save this business. While the idea of working hard to save peoples jobs is commendable the fact that he trying to defraud a finance company and sell to two cars he did not own means that his method was not only corrupt but also an open invitation to stay at her her majesty’s pleasure.

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