Month: May 2013

How to Compare UK Gap Insurance Before you Buy

If you are looking for gap insurance it is difficult to know which level of cover is best. After all some gap insurance companies spend thousands and thousands of pounds on super slick websites and systems, lots of marketing and gimmicks.  Each gap insurance company in their own way all professing to be the UK’s number one, the best in the market and the most comprehensive. Some even have so called comparison tables ?  The problem is that it would be very difficult for any one who is directly involved to be totally impartial. So how do you sort...

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What is Total Loss Insurance ?

Total loss insurance is essentially another name for Gap insurance. What this means is that if you own motor insurance company decide that your vehicle is a total loss then your policy can spring into action. In fact depending upon the level of total loss insurance you have chosen it can protect you from any financial shortfall, the depreciation of your vehicle in the form of return to invoice insurance and even the cost to replace your vehicle. So when does your motor insurance company declare that your vehicle is a total loss? No-one has the authority to declare...

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