Month: August 2013

Fines for middle lane motorway hogs come into force this Friday!

This Friday, 16th of August, new fixed penalties for driving carelessly, including hogging the middle lane of the motorway needlessly come into force. The AA have stated that around 1/3 of British motorists could risk picking up a fine of £100 and three points on their licence under the new motor rules. So some top tips for driving on the motorway have been revealed, to try and help people who are prone to doing this out. What is poor discipline on motorway lanes? Recent research which polled over 19,000 adults last month, all ages 18+ found that 29% of...

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Ford Mustang to launch in Australia and New Zealand

Ford will be selling it’s iconic Mustang model in Australia and New Zealand it was announced yesterday. There was not much more revealed than the fact that the car will be right hand drive and that it is an extremely well known model, as part of an event in Sydney that was unleashing the latest company vehicles in it’s push towards it’s global model mix, One Ford. The engine options of the Mustang were not covered at the event, though it is expected that there will be one of the direct injection turbo Ecoboost four cylinders into the mix....

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Bentley’s new luxury car to create over 1,000 jobs

Bentley have said recently that the development of a luxury vehicle will create around 1,000 new jobs in the United Kingdom. The company is investing £800m at it’s Crewe headquarters to develop and build the SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle), which will be competiting with cars such as the Range Rover.  This is fantastic news for the region. The new Bentley model will be based on the EXP 9F concept car. Volkswagen, the owner of Bentley originally considered making the car in Slovakia Volkswagen, the German super brand who is the owner of Bentley originally considered making the car in...

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Renault are to focus on existing electric stock

Renault needs to gain an advantage from it’s existing electric vehicles rather than introducing new models if the technology is to become a success commercially. Beatrice Foucher, who is Renault’s global head of electric vehicles has said that the company, which is a pioneer of electric vehicles along with it’s affiliate Nissan, needs to double efforts to stay competitive with electric vehicles as it’s rivals, such as BMW with it’s i range, has started launching their own electric vehicles. Foucher has said that in order to do this, Renault must price their cars more affordably Foucher has said that...

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