Month: June 2014

Top 5 tips on how to save on Gap Insurance

Doing some homework on the purchase of a new car is easy enough, and can save you plenty of time and money in the long run. However, the additional products like warranty, tyre insurance, paint and fabric treatments and, of course, Gap Insurance are not areas that consumers spend enough time considering. If you spend just a little time on this you could save yourself hundreds of pounds. So to help you along with Gap Insurance (something we hopefully know a thing or two about) we have complied our top five tips on how to save yourself money with...

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Aequitas Automotive announce 60% rise with online Gap Insurance sales

Aequitas Automotive Ltd, the company behind leading Gap Insurance brands Easy Gap, and GapInsurance123 have announced a 60% increase in the volume of online Gap Insurance sales for the first 5 months of 2014, compared to the same period last year. Aequitas Automotive confirm 60% sales increase in 2014 This news comes in period that saw the FCA report on the general insurance ‘add on’ market suggested that consumers will be guided to compare the whole market in 2015, a move that motor dealers may not be too pleased about. If suggested changes are implemented then companies like Aequitas, and the other independents could see business improve even more over the next few years. So why the continued move for consumers to buy their Gap Insurance independently rather than from the motor dealers? Well there is little doubt that the huge disparity in premium prices are enough for many to dismiss any reason that the motor dealer may give to try to suggest that their policy is somehow better. The truth is that most of the online providers offer products that are least as good, and on many occasions vastly superior to the offerings of the motor dealers. This has been confirmed by the likes of the consumer champion Which? Consumers continue to move away from motor dealers for Gap Insurance However, pure human nature may now have...

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