If the average length of ownership for a new vehicle is now 63 months will a standard 3 year Alfa Gap insurance be able to give you the peace of mind you need for as long as you need it?

Most dealerships can only offer a maximum of 3 years Alfa Gap insurance.

Most Dealerships can only offer 3years Alfa Gap insurance

Most Dealerships can only offer 3years Alfa Gap insurance

Which is all well and good, but what about after that time. If the average vehicle can loose up to 50 % in the first three years alone then surely years four and five they will loose even more. Isn’t this when you are most exposed to financial loss?

Admittedly it has long been common practise to be able to find a basic level of finance alfa gap insurance which you could take of longer periods but what about if you where lucky enough to be able to pay cash or take a shorter finance agreement. Should’t you be able to have increased protection as well.

Well atlast you can!

We Googled Alfa Gap insurance and found an independent  gap insurance supplier who can offer up yo 5 years return to invoice gap insurance. Not just the basic levels of Alfa Gap insurance but return to invoice and vehicle replacement. Another nice thing about their policies is that for the first time in a long time their policies look to have been written by a human being and not an insurance boffin. It was in plain English and even i could understand it as there was no jargon or industry terms.

The average cost for five years vehicle replacement was still still than the standard £395 three year polic’s most dealerships quote for their Alfa Gap insurance, and the policies where transferable.

So before you decide that three years is the only way why not Google Alfa Gap Insurance get a few quotations and see how easy and inexpensive protecting yourself with Alfa Gap insurance for five years can be.