When you buy an Audi your dealership should talk to you about Audi Gap insurance as part of their duty of care.

What do you do when your Audi Gap insurance expires?

What do you do when your Audi Gap insurance expires?

So you like the idea of protecting yourself but is a three year Audi Gap insurance policy going to give your the peace of mind you want for as long as you want it.

The Audi brand build some absolutely amazing models from the new A1 to the Audi Q5 and the R8 models. They are known for their technological advancements, build quality and longevity. But and this is a big but all this quality somes at a price and the Audi range can be expensive.

With this in mind did you know that the average length of ownership for a new car is now 63 months.

So what happens when your Audi Gap insurance policy expires?

Admittedly it has been common practise for some time to be able to find basic levels of finance Audi Gap insurance for longer periods which is all well and good but what about if you where lucky enough to pay cash or finance over a shorter period.

After all it is a sad fact of life that every vehicle will lose value over time but we tried an exercise on a Flagship Audi the A6 the Audi A6 Allroad 4×4 3.0 V6 TDI quattro 5dr.

The average list price is just over £40,000

  • By year one it is estimated to have fallen to £23825
  • By year two £19499
  • By year three £15899
  • By year four £13473
Based on these rates of depreciation by the end of year five your Audi could be worth as little as £12,000.

After all if the standard Audi Gap insurance polices coffered by most dealerships can only protect you for three years are you really ready to expose yourself in years four and five when your Audi Gap Insurance policy has expired?

Either way we think that it should be your choice.
So why not Google Audi Gap Insurance get a quotation, read the policies and make real informed choice.