Every day stories get more and more bizarre and today is no different. Believe it or not a six year old girl stole her mothers BMW whilst she slept and drove it for nearly half a mile. The roads were said to be extremely icy in Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania and the little girl had decided to embark on her journey because she wanted to see her father.

The journey came to a luckily premature stop as the youngster crashed into two other cars and a pole, though thankfully nobody was injured during these collisions. Jerry Parker who was the Police Seargent dealing with the incident had told local news channels that the young girl had decided that she wanted to see her father and as we have gathered, he lived in a different location. She had quite literally took her mothers car keys, got in and drove off. Nobody is sure how the young girl had any idea how to operate a vehicle and how she was then able to drive it for almost half a mile through treacherous conditions. It is a total mystery and everybody is thankful that the girl didn’t injure anybody on her travels, including herself.

Ronnie Hawkins passed by the little driver and he started to chase the vehicle when he realised how young the driver of the car was. He explained that he was shouting stop over and over again, the young girl stared at the man and then started driving again, then she stopped. As he chased the vehicle up the hill shouting stop, he said that the car was stalling and then starting again, stalling then starting again. The young girl came out of the car crash completely uninjured but she was very upset, crying and asking for her father.

There is currently an investigation underway as to whether the young girls mother should be prosecuted for the incident. Although a completely dangerous event and something that you would not want to see every day, it is somewhat fascinating how such a young child could operate a big vehicle and how she could even see over the steering wheel. Your guess is as good as mine.