Aequitas Automotive Limited have announced the count down to the launch of an all new Gap Insurance Brand.

Aequitas already have two brands online Gap Insurance 123 and EasyGap so why launch another and do we really need another brand.

Spokes person for Aequitas Automotive Limited Tom Luetchford said ” The Gap Insurance market has grown year on year and being part of Aequitas we have always tried to stay just one step ahead. Our first brand Easy Gap Insurance was launched and we where overwhelmed with the support from UK Customers.”

The issue was that each gap insurance company will have their own view on what is a high risk and being part of Aequitas while our first priority was always our customers gap insurance policy performance value for money had to be a major consideration. Our aim was always to have a panel of insurance underwriters. This means that no matter what the vehicle or its use or the underwriters vision of risk we would be able to offer no only market leading levels of cover but also genuine value for money.

Gap Insurance 123 was launched and again this strengthened our gap insurance portfolio.

We where the first UK gap insurance company to announce that we where about to launch vehicle replacement for up to 5 years and with the help of the underwriters have been able to offer even more choice.

Our new brand will add to the choice and selection of cover we can offer. New features, new policies and even better value for money. The underwriters are a major UK Household name and as such have the expertise, reputation and knowledge to be able to support our on line marketing strategy.

We genuinely believe that competition is good and in fact the Financial Conduct Authority is already actively setting out plans to encourage dealerships to discuss competition which we believe will in turn offer better policies and improved value for money to members of the public.

With our new Gap Insurance brand we hope that in many ways it will invigorate the market and encourage some less proactive gap insurance suppliers to re-develop the policies more in line with more modern terms and conditions.