Aequitas Automotive Limited is already known as a market leader in the online supply of gap insurance via their website EasyGap and is strengthening their position with the Introduction of GapInsurance123.



Being part of Aequitas,  GapInsurance123 has all the features that website visitors and happy customers have come to expect and much more.

Aequitas have hand picked special features for the GapInsurance123 policies which will compliment the existing EasyGap portfolio.

In fact the Aequitas team have consulted customers past and present to find out what you really wanted from your Gap Insurance and designed products to match.

The new GapInsurance123 has just three types of gap insurance to  choose from.

  • All of the GapInsurance123 policies are transferable
  • All of the GapInsurance123 policies pay £250 towards your own motor insurance excess
  • All of the GapInsurance123 policies offer free accident management.
  • All of the GapInsurance123 policies are available for up to five years.

The policies are underwritten by Enterprise Insurance Company PLC who currently supply household names such as Kwik Fit, and AA Warranty and sponsor Leeds United.

They are also administed by Motorway Direct PLC who have a wealth of experiance in the field of gap insurance with online and main dealer groups.

We spoke to Mark Griffiths Finance Director  from Aequitas Automotive Limited who said ” GapInsurance123 is designed to be simply, easy and transparent. The policies are easy to understand and our administrators have helped to keep the amount of insurance jargon to an absolute minimum.  We also have lots of new features and exceptionally competitive prices. This will mean that customers visiting either of the websites will now be quoted two prices and the benefits of each fully explained. Customers will be able to make factual  informed choices.”

The new brand now offers up to 5 years return to invoice, and vehicle replacement gap insurance.

So on behalf of BuyGapInsurance we wish Mark, Aequitas Automotive and the new GapInsurance123 team every success.