It is very easy to get confused about gap insurance and a lot of members of the public worry about choosing the best gap insurance cover.

So lets take some of this stress away.

The best level of gap insurance is which ever level of cover does what you want it to. After all the best level of gap insurance cover for me may be totally inappropriate you you and your circumstances.

So before you think about shopping for gap insurance online or comparing levels of protection please take a few moments and think about exactly what you would like you gap insurance policy to do for you if and when your vehicle is written off

Making a claim is not nice not matter how hard any insurance company tries the sheer fact that you are making a claim means that something terribleĀ has happened, either your vehicle has been stolen or worse you or your loved ones have been involved in an accident. This is made even worse when you find out that your policy doe not perform the way your thought it would. So please take as much time now as you need to make sure that you understand exactly what will happen and who will do what. If you know now then there can never be any nasty surprises.

So what is importantĀ to you? How do you want your policy to help? ( finance gap insurance )

Do you simply want to be able to walk away from the vehicle with no financial liability? ( return to invoice gap insurance)

Do you want to walk away with any deposit you paid and equity you have occurred when making your payments? (vehicle replacement insurance )

Do you want to walk away with any deposit and equity as well as and additional allowance for the inflationary increase in cost of the replacement vehicle?

So to re-cap do you want to protect just the financial aspect and walk away with nothing, protect the invoice price and equity or the replacement cost and equity?

Ok so now you know which level of gap insurance is best for you are ready to start comparing different suppliers terms and conditions.