It is safe to say that many of us out there have always dreamed of owning own very own Aston Martin. The perfect vehicle, renowned for it’s luxury, top class and expense. So if somebody told you that Aston Martin are bringing out some kind of model, for £2,000, we can hear the hearts beating.

Always dreamed of owning your own Aston Martin?

Many people have dreamt night after night about driving round in a brand new Aston Martin, with the James Bond ThemeTune echoing in the background. Though, the most current James Bond Aston will cost you around £90,000 and even the cheapest model, the Cygnet, costs around £30,000, it is a rather big ask.

Sorry to have gotten the hopes up of everybody out there but I am actually talking about a pram. Your new born baby is entitled to the Bond lifestyle if you so desire, minus the unusual gadgets, with their very own Aston Martin pram. At £2,000, the pram has been designed with the help of Silver Cross, who began their children’s carriages in 1877.

What makes the pram an Aston Martin?

The pram will be made using the same fabrics and leathers of the cars, whilst the rims of the pram are actually styled from the one-77. The only catch is, Silver Cross have plans to only produce 800 of these “babies” in total, so it looks like the rich and famous will be the ones holding the handles on this one.

A spokesman for Aston Martin explained that Silver Cross of course have a long standing tradition of providing the finest prams for families. The Surf, Aston Martin edition pram has been inspired from Aston Martin’s very own engineering and design expertise, with a lot of the material and techniques that are being used on the Silver Cross pram, also being used on the interior of Aston Martin models themselves. The spokesman said that Aston Martin have welcomed the Surf Silver Cross Aston Martin Edition into the Company’s lifestyle collection.

The prams will be available to purchase from Harrods, from April. If you have always dreamed of owning your own luxury vehicle but have never been quite able to purchase a car yourself, this could be the perfect opportunity to have that little bit of glamour, without the high price tag. You could own your very own Aston Martin and push your baby round in style, though with only 800 being made, it is going to be a fight to the finish to get your hands on this kind of Aston Martin.