New Audi A8 is to feature groundbreaking headlight technology when it is officially revealed later on this year.  There have been spy shots released on the internet of the Audi A8 model, though the pictures do not reveal much, there are a few rather close clues that can mark the new model out against the current Audi A8 model.

There are some distinctions between the new Audi A8 and the current model

At the front there is a wider grille, which appears much more menacing, there is also a set of split taillights. The Audi A8 is fitted with a new set of headlights, using Matrix LED technology. They are made from 25 high beam diodes which have been grouped together in gives and work in conjunction with the reflectors. Unlike conventional high beam headlights the LED array is so advanced that when the Audi A8 detects that a car is oncoming, then the headlights can be activated, dimmed, or completely deactivated depending on what is necessary and are even able to block light out that would usually shine onto oncoming traffic. This can all be done whilst still maintaning a high beam.

Another advantage of this particular Audi technology is that it can work with the optional night vision to be able to detect pedestrians when it is dark. When a pedestrian is assessed as being too close, then the lights will flash to alert the pedestrian of the presence of the car. Also, the new headlights feature a cornering function and the lights are supplied with data from the GPS onboard so that they corner before the steering wheel has even been turned.

Audi could be producing a rival for the Porsche Panamera S e-hybrid

Audi could be producing a rival for the Porsche Panamera S e-hybrid by introducing a hybrid model. At the other end an Audi S8 is likely, which would offer some stiff competition for the upcoming Mercedes S-Class AMG.