Audi's New Electric Car

Audi's New Electric Car

Audi Have released pictures of its first ever electric car.

The aspirational brand know for its unique styling and unbeatable German build quality has attempted to bring this to the electric car arena.

The electric car market is growing all the time and as natural resources diminish it is set to grow even further. It is all of our responsibilities to look for ways of using renewable and green energy.

Audi say that the their new concept electric car combines the elements of a racing car, a roadster and an urban vehicle in one package.

It is powered by 2 e-tron electric motors which use a  lithium-ion battery.

There is ample space for two people. The driver can even adjust the steering wheels and pedals so that it is exactly suited to their own unique driving position. We like that !

You enter the electric car via the boot / tailgate.

The roof  is designed to be manoeuvrable and slides to the rear to open.

In traditional Audi fashion they have not scrimped on the specification and the electric car has its own set of 21inch alloy wheels

We are all just hoping that Audi have the foresight to bring the unique electric car to market with as little change to its radical styling as possible.