Bentley have said recently that the development of a luxury vehicle will create around 1,000 new jobs in the United Kingdom. The company is investing £800m at it’s Crewe headquarters to develop and build the SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle), which will be competiting with cars such as the Range Rover.  This is fantastic news for the region. The new Bentley model will be based on the EXP 9F concept car.

Volkswagen, the owner of Bentley originally considered making the car in Slovakia

Volkswagen, the German super brand who is the owner of Bentley originally considered making the car in Slovakia, where SUVs are already being produced, though the British Government lobbied to ensure that the project would be kept in the United Kingdom. David Cameron, Prime Minister was at the announcement at the company headquarters. David Cameron said that this opportunity offers a thousand jobs for our country along with another total success for the British automotive industry. He expressed his delight that Bentley would be producing the new vehicle in the United Kingdom, it is safeguarding many more jobs and is also increasing the opportunities for training, for highly skilled apprentices.

Bentley has been made at Crewe for many years and it is not simply a question of moving geographical locations instead by continuing production in Crewe it is being able to capitalise on a wealth of experience and know how.

Martin Winterkorn who is the Chairman of Volkswagen said that the Volkswagen Group genuinely believe in the United Kingdom as a competitive place for industrial production. He said that together this new Bentley will be produced into another true Bentley, successful, exclusive and powerful.

The new Bentley will be going on sale in 2016

The new Bentley model will be going on sale in 2016 an it will be the fourth model joining the Milsanne, the Continental GT and the Flying Spur.