Which is the best Gap Insurance bar none! No-one else’s can compare!

Hope we have your attention now! So who has the best gap insurance bar none! Who’s gap insurance is the best in the market?

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So what is the best gap insurance bar none?

The answer is simple which ever gap insurance policy does what you want it to and one that you completely understand. Not only the gap insurance policy terms and conditions but also how the gap insurance claims procedures and exclusions may affect you.

Being part of Aequitas Automotive Limited we see this type of adverts and bold statements all over the internet. From the best bar none to features not found anywhere else.  The problem is when you use words and claims in bold sweeping statements like this is that they are open for interpretation.

After all the best gap insurance bar none for me and my circumstances could be a totally different level of protection than yours. What are your circumstances? How did you pay for your vehicle? How much is it? So which is the best gap insurance bar none!

Part of our company ethos which is to be fair, honest and upfront at all times we can not advocate this type of potentially misleading marketing.

Our concern has and always will be that all website visitors and customers be given all the factually correct information about the policy in a clear and concise way so that consumers can make their own informed choices.

No gimmicks, no jargon and certainly no unfounded and unsubstantiated marketing claims.

So please before you buy gap insurance please remember that while each and every provider will attempt to promote their own products in a favourable light and therefore is absolutely nothing wrong in this, any marketing claims must be backed up. You must see the proof. You must know why.

Why is someone the UK’s Number one provider?

Is this because of the amount of policies they provide?

Is this because of the policy features or perhaps the price?

Where ever possible ask for the proof! This is especially important when it comes to any form of financial services as the Financial Services Authority has strict guidelines which must be followed.

So in summary please ignore the over inflated marketing gimmicks and claims and instead if you are thinking of buying gap insurance why not simply concentrate on the important issues of how your policy works and what it could do for you if your vehicle was written off.