A BMW customer fears that his leased vehicle could seriously injure or even kill someone as the 2012 BMW X5’s transmission came unlocked from it’s parking position, not just once, but twice and caused the vehicle to roll off with nobody in it.

The owner expected his BMW to be a driving machine not a rolling machine

The owner of the vehicle explained that his BMW is not supposed to be a rolling machine but a driving machine, he then accentuated that he has a rolling machine that rolls whenever it wants to. The BMW was also damaged after it had rolled away on it’s own. The Incidents were caught on tape by the home surveillance camera of the owner, which is pointed at his driveway. The owner explained further that the BMW was not slipping, it was rolling on all four tyres. He explained that he is actually lucky that he had surveillance or he would of thought that it was his own fault and he had done something wrong. Both times this incident took place, the owner had left his newly leased vehicle, parked, locked and with the ignition off. He was inside his home when the BMW rolled away later on it’s own.

The second time the BMW rolles completely out of the driveway

The first time the surveillance had caught the BMW, it had rolled only a few metres before stopping. The next time however, it happened in the middle of the night and the BMW actually rolled out of the driveway, across the road and then down an embankment, even hitting trees before it came to a stop. The owner of the vehicle expressed his view that the vehicle is unreliable and definitely unsafe.

The owner then discovered that the company had actually recalled six BMW X5 models in the United States, that were in 2011, because of a defect that could cause the vehicles to roll when parked. The recall stated that if the driver believed that the transmission was in park, then the BMW could roll away after exiting and increase the risk of a crash or an injury.