The BMW X4 has been spied on public roads in it’s full production trim. This is the first glimpse anyone has had of the car since it was first revealed at the Shanghai Motor Show in April of this year. Though the car is covered in camouflage on all spy pictures that have been released over the internet, it is safe to say that the BMW has not strayed too far away from the look of the concept.

BMW have carried over some characteristics from the concept vehicle

There are two very distinctive downturned creases on this car, which have been carried over from the concept vehicle, one is over the rear wheelarch, whilst the other is over the new door handles. There is the same grille arrangement and the headlights are also connected directly to it, though the intakes on the lower front bumper have been shrunk in comparison to the original concept.

There are less sculptured and larger wing mirrors too, whilst the light clusters at the rear can also be seen. There is a simpler bumper at the rear and a twin tailpipe layout that replaces the two wide spaced, larger diameter pipes than were seen on the original concept.

What is clear with this model is that the proportions of the show car are identical to those that were seen originally. There is a sloping roofline which is rather dramatic and a short front overhang and a upturned boot lip, it looks like a mini BMW X6. Just as the X6 model, it is based on the underpinnings of the BMW X5. The BMW X4 will also be more or less identical to the BMW X3 under it’s skin, except for slightly firmer suspension settings for sportier handling.

Despite it having an identical wheelbase and being the exact same length as the BMW X3 model, the BMW X4 is 34mm wider and 53mm lower. This gives the model more aggressive posture, though will also have an impact on the practicality of the vehicle. Boot space is likely to drop from the 550 litres available in the BMW X3 to around 500 litres for this model. There will also be a slight compromise on rear headroom too.

There have  been no official engine details revealed as of yet, though the BMW X4 is likely to share engines with the BMW X3 model. This means an 181 brake horsepower 2.0 litre diesel engine in the BMW X4 20d, a 254 brake horsepower 3.0 litre straight six in the BMW X4 30d and a flagship that uses the same engine but produces 309 brake horsepower. Both four and rear wheel drive versions are expected to be offered aswell.

The BMW X4 will make it’s debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year

The showroom ready BMW X4 will make it’s official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September, starting prices for the vehicle are expected to start from ¬£30,000 when it goes on sale at the start of 2014.