The French Giant Renault who as you may already know is the parent brand of Dacia.

The Renault Dacia is aimed at being a value for money budget brand and completely separate from the Renault main stream.

CAP ( current auction prices ) is a publication for the motor trade and predicts almost along the lines of Glass’s guide how much a particular car is priced at. The major difference being that unlike Glass’s guide which is based around main dealership prices CAP is firmly based on auction prices.

The affect that CAP and Glass’s guide can have on a manufacturer model can be massive as both consumers, finance houses and contract hire companies use this information to calculate monthly rentals, residuals and resale values.

So it is good news for Renault!

In fact figures from CAP indicate that a typical Renault / Dacia Duster will still be worth 34 % of the new price after three years based on 20,000 per annum.

This is fantastic news for Renault as it shows that the value brand can compete with resale values with other much more expensive vehicles.

The range starts with an entry level from just £8,995 while the four wheel drive model is still remarkably less than £13,000.

A spokes person from Dacia is reported to have said “We know that the Dacia Duster is a great package for anyone after a practical, reliable and affordable SUV.”

They continued “CAP’s view just reaffirms our belief that its got bucket-loads of appeal for British buyers. After living with one, I doubt most owners will ever want to be parted from their trusty Duster. But, if they do have to sell it, or maybe even trade it in for a newer Dacia, they won’t be hugely out of pocket. I can’t help but think the residual value forecast for Sandero is going to blow the competition away too, in the not too distant future.”

Only time will tell if the Renault sibling has managed to deliver!