Whenever you renew your car insurance you may not be aware but a proportion of all your premium goes to help bear the cost of Whiplash claims.
There are been many many reports and investigations into how to tackle the increase in claim / blame culture which seems to be alive and well and living in the realms of car accidents.
Did you know that the number of accidents on our roads has in part down to education for better driving and increased technology dropped. However the number of Whip lash claims has steadily increased to a massive 550,000 per year.
Did you also know that over £2,500 of each and every claim is paid to solicitors and claims management companies.

As you can imagine car accidents and whiplash are big business.

We know that last year when a member of our team had a minor car accident in which thankfully no-one was hurt, they where bombarded with calls and marketing from companies all hoping to tempt them into making a claim. As no-one was hurt they did not pursue any claim and in the end the sheer amount of calls got so bad that they actually complained to their insurance company about where their information had been given.
Some insurance companies still sell on your details to third party companies and are then either paid a commission or a flat fee.  If they are out of pocket then they simply add it on to the amount that they attempt to claim from the other insurance company and so the practice continues.
A fairer way would be for us to adopt the more European way in which car accidents below a certain speed are simply not eligible for making any form of a claim.
After all if the car is traveling at low speeds even a head on collision would not result in any injury so why should there be grounds for any claim?
This practice is all-costing us millions and millions of pound each year in increased car insurance.
So it is good news that once again MP’s are calling for an investigation into Whiplash costs after all they add an estimated £90 onto of the cost of a car insurance policy.
The Transport Committee wants written submissions by 15 April.

Lets hope that this time they can get it right and find a constructive way to help reduce the number of claims and ultimately our car insurance costs.