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Motor Car Dealership owner Jailed

A Motor Dealership owner has been jailed for trying to save this business. While the idea of working hard to save peoples jobs is commendable the fact that he trying to defraud a finance company and sell to two cars he did not own means that his method was not only corrupt but also an open invitation to stay at her her majesty’s pleasure.

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Clocking Cars Company Owner Jailed

Mileage correction / clocking cars costing us all an estimated 580 million pounds a year. However following an investigation by the Office of Fair Trading and conviction in the landmark case for the 1st time the supplier of the car mileage correction service was jailed instead of the supplier of the car.

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Well Done “What Car”

What Car as long been a source of information for UK drivers with news and reviews and buying guides. In fact we have been singing the praises of What Car’s depreciation calculator for a long time. While no-one can ever...

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