The Caterham line up could be expanding to include SUV’s, city cars and even a super car, says Boss Tony Fernandes. Tony Fernandes is looking to mimic Porsche’s success with the brands plans to expand. He explained that he sees Porsche as his vision for Caterham cars in the long term. The company’s joint venture with Renault is the start of a new line of products, like crossovers and city cars, he said that Porsche definitely sets a great template to follow from.

Fernandes is confident Caterham can increase volumes

Keeping in mind of what happened to Lotus, overly ambitious and flawed plans for expansion damaged the brand greatlly, Fernandes is confident that Caterham can increase it’s volumes from the 400-500 performance cars it sells each year. The Caterham two seater, rear wheel drive Alpine joint venture will be launching in 2015, though with different visuals. It is after the joint venture that the plans for Caterham will really take hold however. Fernandes explained that the playground essentially for the company is going to be Asia, where the Porsche Panamera and Cayenne are a great success.

The ambition that Fernandes has shown is key in driving Caterham Cars forward. Whilst talking about the joint venture, he explained that the company wanted to find a partner and at first nobody would give them the time of day. He went on however to say that through Formula 1, the company’s relationship with Renault began to grow. He  said that Caterham is a tiny car maker in relation to Renault, so it was a true commendation to the Caterham team that it is a full equal 50:50 partnership.

Renault and Caterham’s joint venture car will cost around £40,000

The joint venture vehicle will cost around £40,000, though Caterham also have keen plans to produce a halo supercar which features a lot of know how in terms of KERS tech and composites, which has been acquired from the Formula 1 team.

Graham MacDonald boss of Caterham cars expressed that he would love to build a supercar, a vehicle that would feature Formula 1 technology and Caterham’s DNA, that is the dream, though that is not what the initial product will be.