For  those of us with children we will all be looking forward half term. As more and more families will be taking to the roads for days out and family visits.

Did you know that 1 in 10 parents admit they get distracted by their children when driving this can lead to disastrous consequences.

Recent research by Post Office also shows that 20% of parents find it much harder to concentrate on the road when their children are younger and aged between four and seven. In fact they are the most likely to cause more than half of the distractions in the family car.

Not all Children are Little Angels all the time

Not all Children are Little Angels all the time

Help my two are five and eight ! I totally understand how difficult it can be. First they are board, they they squabble and then they need the toilet. Gone are the days before children when my parent and I could travel three hundred miles in a matter of hours to see a concert. In fact now a day out is like a milatery operation. Snacks, games, wet wips and the like.

In fact only 8% of parents never let themselves get distracted by their children. They must be super human!

Chatter is the main cause of  distraction for 58% of parents, while staggering 64% find it hard to concentrate on driving if their children are fighting with one another.

This distraction is not only dangerous for the families involved but also other road users. The Post Office is encouraging us all to come up with imaginative ways to keep the little darlings occupied and thus decrease the distraction levels.

So why not join the Buy Gap Insurance challenge and send us you hints for keeping your children happy during the journey.

I still think that the travel games are a good idea and portable DVD payers. I am lucky that I can seat them away from each other with a space in between. Let us know your ideas on how you plan to keep your children occupied?