Mileage correction on car’s / or (clocking as it is sometimes called )and other vehicles is estimated to cost the UK consumer £580 million pounds per year.

After all imagine your horror if you have bought a car and paid for it based on a mileage of 30,000 to later find the the real mileage should of been 80,000. Don’t forget that car prices are based not only on the make, model and condition of a car but mileage which can have a massive impact. In fact depending upon the type of car you buy even a small difference in the car’s mileage can mean a difference of hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

Following a recent Office of Fair Trading investigation this week has seen the first ever positive conviction of an owner of a mileage correction company.

Michael Ogle the owner of the Northern based ‘Mileage Correction Firm’ was detained at her Majesties pleasure for nine months after pleading guilty to five charges under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations.

He also admitted eight separate charges of fraud.

This is a landmark case and the sets a precedent as it was the first time that the supplier who carried out the clocking /correction service was jailed as apposed to the supplier of a clocked car.

This follows industry and consumer pressure and online partitions in which the motor industry has called for a government clamp down against the firms who physical carry out the despicable act. After all this is costing us all millions per year and is big business with unscrupulous business’s able to make obscene amounts of money by duping the general public.

It has been a long investigate that started in 2010 and the Office of Fair Trading found that at the time of their investigation there where over 50 different on line suppliers of mileage correction services.

There are however ways to decrease the chances of buying a clocked car, such as HPI checks and checking the MOT’s.

In fact some reputable car suppliers pay for a VMC check in which an independent source contacts the previous owner to verify the mileage, as well as where ever possible only buying from reputable sources.