As we know gap insurance unlike standard road risk insurance does not charge more for young drivers. In fact the age and driving experience is never brought in to question.

With this in mind and the recent media coverage of the costs of motor insurance for young drivers it may surprise you to hear that a recent survey conducted by the ABI has highlighted that a vast number of the general public believe that young drivers should be redistricted in some way shortly after passing their test.

The media cover has concentrated on the cost that car insurance can cost young drivers. Following the recent European Community derivatives insurance companies have had to re-dress the way in which they quote young drivers as using the gender of the driver has been deemed no longer acceptable. That said insurance is all about risk, how likely you are to make a claim and how much it will cost to settle your claim. The fact of the matter is that young drivers still remain a higher risk. In fact there have been may TV reports highlighting the issue and the financial drain that properly insuring young drivers may cause.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) highlighted that one in four believe that there should be some control of young drivers within the first 12 months of them passing their test while a massive 71 % actively followed the idea that there should be at least a restriction of the number of passengers that they are allowed to carry.

So is this penalising young drivers?

Or is this the responsible attitude to follow and a way in which we could assist young drivers who have just passed their test adjust to the freedom that having their very own mode of transport offers?

It is reported that a government spokesperson commented that they are current looking at a number of ways to help control young drivers. These follow many avenues but even include a potential ban on being able to carry passengers who are not members of their family or even any passengers at all.

Only time will tell if the controls become compulsory or if the have and effect on insurance costs.

We support any measures that help improve safety for young drivers however as always why not get in touch and let us know what you think?