If you are just about to buy a new car what made you chose the make and model you eventually chose? Perhaps the kudos of the brand, perhaps the specification or practicality.

We speak to new car buyers day in and day out and it is surprising that savvy buyers are making their buying decision on a set of completely new set of rules.

Gone are the days of new car buyers simply making impulse decisions. Instead we are all spending longer looking into the real suitability of our cars than ever before. Not only do our new cars have to find our lifestyle but they have to cheap to insurance as well as providing fantastic economy.

The differences in the ways our new cars are banded for road fund licence means that this has at least become an important buying decision. After all the difference can be massive from nil or nominal road fund to literally hundreds of pounds.

In today’s climate value for money has never been more important so real life costs are now becoming just as important as the specification of our new car’s. It is therefore no surprise that sales of the uber economical super mini class’s of new car’s has again continued to rise.

So if you have just bought a new car what made you chose one model over another.

Did you take into account the real life costs of your new car?

So what does this cost conscious new car buyer mean to the motor trade long term? We hope that this will mean that manufactures continue to plough money into investment and push the boundaries of economy and value for money further but only time will tell. In turn will this mean the death of higher emission’s and real life cost vehicles or will they simply become left to the more wealthy?

Either way why not let us know why your bought your new car and what made you chose one model over another!