Check Your Vehicle on Euro Ncap

Check Your Vehicle on Euro Ncap

Euro Ncap is the body responsible for testing crashing and banging all different types of vehicle to find out how safe they are. How much protection dose a certain type of vehicle give and dose it give the same levels of protection to all of the occupants.  We have all seen the crash test dummies however they have made testing a vehicles safety into an exacting science. Testing how the vehicle performs under different scenarios, different speeds and different types of impact.

In fact in my opinion Euro Ncap’s  work has had a direct result in encouraging the manufactures to improve safety for all of us as a Euro EnCap 5 Star award can be a huge marketing tool. Lets be honest do you want to buy a vehicle that you know will not protect you if you are involved in an accident. Mm-mm lets think , No I don’t.

In Fact Euro Encap even test how safe it is for predestrians

The new results are just out

In this month’s report the top scorers with five star results are

  1. the Audi A6,
  2. the BMW X3,
  3.  the Chevrolet Aveo 
  4. Chevrolet Orlando,
  5. the Citroën DS5, 
  6. the Hyundai i40,
  7. the Opel Ampera
  8. the VW Golf Cabriolet and
  9. Volkswagen Jetta.

This is fantastic news for the German manufacturers as a Euro Ncap 5 start rating can really make a difference is sales.

Surprisingly the Kia Picanto receives an overall rating of 4 stars.

The Hyundai i40 and both VW Jetta and Golf Cabriolet scored very well for child protection scoring 86%. Michiel van Ratingen said  ‘Euro NCAP evaluates child safety for each model tested and encourages car manufacturers to provide equally good protection for adults and children. We consider child protection as a very important part of the overall star rating and have plans to step up our requirements even more in the coming years’. (Why not watch the official Euro Ncap  video on child safety.)

Or even better still why not visit Euro Ncap ‘ s website and see just how safe you vehicle is.