Check your vehicles Eligibiliy

Check your vehicles Eligibility

Excluded vehicles means certain makes and models that the insurance company will not provide gap insurance for.

This could be for any number of reasons but you need to make sure that your vehicle is not included. In most cases your gap insurance provider will list the vehicles that are excluded but there are some surprising differences.

For example we found a gap insurance provider that would provide gap insurance for Porsche , Ferrari, Bentley and Aston Martin  but would not provide cover for any type of Lamborghini.

Why do gap insurance companies exclude certain types of vehicles?

Insurance is all about risk, some vehicles unfortunately are more of a risk than others. As you can imagine when a Maserati is stolen and written off the cost to the gap insurance company is very very high compared with say a Honda Jazz.  Specialist vehicles can also be exceptionally hard to value.

There are many reasons why a particular vehicle or manufacture may be on a excluded vehicles list so if you are in any doubt as to the eligibility of your vehicle why not call your gap insurance provider and ask them. In most cases ( again you need to check with you provider) there is certain criteria that your vehicle must fall into.

The vehicles must be right hand drive.

It must have been made for the UK and imported via the franchise that is to say not a grey import.

Most gap insurance policies will not cover hire or reward/ taxi’s although there is specialist cover available.

Maserati, Bristol, Bugatti, Hume, Noble and kit cars are also frequently excluded vehicles. But again as always you need to check the policy. There will be someone a list of manufactures who are not covered

In brief check your vehicles eligibility before you buy any gap insurance from anywhere.