A common question regarding gap insurance is what is the chance of ever needing to make a claim, with an estimated 600 000 vehicles written off in the UK each year the chances may be higher than you first think.

600 000 people visit  Elvis’s home each yearSome facts are funny and some a little upsetting put we hope that it will highlight the scale of the problem.

  • Face book is attached by hackers 600 000 times every year.
  • The average human being looses 600 000 particles of skin every hour
  • There are 600 000 woman who will have a hysterectomy this year
  • Passive smoking kills 600 000 people every year – (Taken from the World health website)
  • The NSPCC receives 600 000 calls every year
  • Glasgow has an estimated population of 600 000.

OK some of the facts are perhaps a little irrelevant but this is simply to show you the scale of the risk you face by not protecting yourself with any form of gap insurance protection.

The last fact in that Glasgow has an estimated population of 600,000 ( taken from wikipedia ) was perhaps the single strongest for me.

So what are the chances of you ever needing to make a gap insurance claim? I hope you will agree potentially a lot higher than you may have first thought.

Environmentally disposing of paint products and repairs vehicles and even the design of some vehicles which are specifically made to absorb impact, bearing the brunt of the damage and leaving occupants unharmed means day on day more and more of us are finding ourselves in this situation.

After all with repair costs rising this 600 000 figure is set to rise.