When it comes to choosing gap insurance it can be difficult to sort out the important aspects of picking a policy and a supplier.

You have checked that your gap insurance provider is authorised.

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You have read the gap insurance terms and conditions.

You have checked the gap insurance small print.

So why should where the gap insurance underwriters are based make any difference they are in the the EU so what’s the difference?

Is British based gap insurance underwriting best?

Well there has been a lot of  miss information regarding this aspect circulating the Internet and even some dealer groups so we will try to set the record straight once and for all.

For any company to be able to provide insurance they must be registered with the Financial Services Authority. As they are not based in the UK they can offer insurance under what they call a “passport permission”.

Briefly speaking this means that they must respect and offer the same terms ands conditions, apply all rules and regulations as if they where based in the UK.

So in reality the geographical location really makes absolutely no difference.

Instead the most important aspect to picking a gap insurance supplier after the terms ands conditions is who is going to handle your claim should you ever need to make one.

How big are the gap insurance suppliers and administrators, do they have the infrastructure to be able to handle your claim quickly and efficiently. Where are they based ?

So when you pick a gap insurance supplier based outside the UK you are in good company as did you know that are large number of very very big, massive  household names are underwritten by non UK based companies.

The Internet is a fantastic place and a quick search of Google and you will find everything from miss leading information to complete fiction.

My own personal favourite was relaid by a customer who said that he had been told that if he bought a policy from a non Uk based insurer should he ever need to make a claim that the would have to deal overseas! Oh and possibility in another language! ”

The whole idea of this website is to lay the facts down so that you can make real informed decisions about which supplier, level of gap insurance and period of time is best for you and your circumstances.

This means that you need real information and the real facts and not gap insurance fiction!

Buy don’t take my word for it why not visit the FCA website and check out the rules about non UK based Gap insurance suppliers for yourself?