My dealership says that if I buy on line the levels of protection are different.

Sorry to say the only different we can see is that in most cases when you buy online you are dealing with a quailified real gap insurance expert. As far as I know no gap insurance provider online sells cars or mudflaps or mats instead they concentrate on being masters of only one thing gap protection.

Just like your dealership it will not be the broker who physically underwrites the policy. Instead it will be the insurance company.

So why not ask you dealership who underwrites the policy and check them out.

Just like your dealership in order to be able to sell and promote gap protection on line brokers must be regulated by the FSA.

This is the government body who regulates the sale and promotion of insurance including gap insurance.

Just like you dealership the gap protection policy must be fully regulated, If you are in any doubt no worry ask the broker to prove it.

Just like your dealership the gap protection policy must be backed by the financial services compensation scheme.

Just like your dealership it is not the broker who settle your claim and write the chq. Instead just like your dealership it will be a separate claims team in most cases assigned by the insurance company.

The biggest difference is that when you buy gap protection online you are dealing with specialists. They may not know much about the latest colour change or what interior comes with leather as standard but the will know all about how gap insurance could protect you.  That is not to say that most dealerships now do not have their own specialists who do a fantastic job and look after their customers.

Equally it dosent not mean that buying online offers you any less gap protection, morrally or in the eyes of the law.