A question we are constantly asked is who exactly is covered on my gap insurance policy?

Are other drivers covered on my gap insurance ?

Is there an age restriction on my gap insurance policy?

Can someone who has a provisional still be covered by my policy?

Gap Insurance is just like any other insurance you always need to check the terms and conditions but there is a special insurance term, sorry to use jargon but when you read any policy you will see this terms and it is really important that you understand what it means.

“Your gap Insurance policy will say something along the lines of … providing your own motor insurance company provide indemnity for the claim….”

Who is covered on my gap insurance policy?
Who is covered on my gap insurance policy?

So what does this mean and why should it affect you is covered?

What it means is that as long as you insurance company cover the claim and agree to pay out gap insurance will. ( Hey this is not carte Blanche as your gap insurance policy will also have terms like time periods in which to make a claim etc). So bear in mind that for your own insurance company to pay the claim who ever is driving must be covered.

If a young driver on a provisional liciense is driving then as long as your insurance have given them the motor insurance to do so then no problem.

This rule applies to all named drivers, so if they are named on your insurance and then they are covered on your gap insurance.

Just a quick word to the wise though – please be careful if someone not named on your insurance drivers your vehicle as even though they may tell you that they are fully comprehensively insured through their own insurance the chances are that they are not.

It used to be quiet common that if you where fully comphrensivily insuraed on your own car then you where for any other. Time have changed and in most cases you will instead only be covered third party fire and theft.

Anyone who is named on your motor insurance is covered on your gap insurance policy regarding of age, sex, or driving history!