An auction began earlier on today of the final 78 Saab Cars produced. The auction is being held in Sweden and has been commissioned by the Bankruptcy receivers of Saab, the auction follows a similar sale which took place at the end of 2012, which was a huge success.

Rare Saab models available at the auction

Amongst the lots at the auction, are thirty seven of the 54 9-5 saloon models that were built for the 2012 model year, thirty one 9-4 X SUV models and seven 9-5 Sportkombi estates. Saab produced 700 9-4X models and only around thirty 9-5 Sportkombi Estates, so all of the Saab models have a rather significant rarity value. Also included in the Auction are a six cylinder diesel 9-5 saloon and a 9-3X model.

Similarly to the sale that was carried out last year, it is being run by KVD, which is a Swedish auction house. Per Blomberg, who is the Business area manager said with regards to the auction that the interest in the sale that took place last year was enormous, both in the homeland of the auction Sweden and internationally. Now, due to the last cars being sold, there is an equally if not higher level of interest expected from Saab enthusiasts all over.

Saab enthusiasts, the auction will be running until 3rd April

The auction will be running until April 3rd and the cars are available to be viewed from the 22nd of March, this coming Friday, in Wallhamn, which is just north of Gothnburg. Details on each vehicle can be found on the KVD auction website. If you are a Saab enthusiast, or know someone who is, then this may be the perfect opportunity to get your hands on a model before they disappear. With the cars on offer being so rare and not many being available, if buyers do not move quick, they may miss their chance.