This Friday, 16th of August, new fixed penalties for driving carelessly, including hogging the middle lane of the motorway needlessly come into force.

The AA have stated that around 1/3 of British motorists could risk picking up a fine of £100 and three points on their licence under the new motor rules. So some top tips for driving on the motorway have been revealed, to try and help people who are prone to doing this out.

What is poor discipline on motorway lanes?

Recent research which polled over 19,000 adults last month, all ages 18+ found that 29% of drivers have admitted to being a hog of the middle lane on the motorway. This is staying in the second lane on a motorway in free flowing traffic.

Also known as poor discipline on motorway lanes, in contravention of the highway code, which expresses that you should always travel in lane one, the left hand motorway lane, unless you are looking to overtake a slower vehicle. This of course also means that you can be a careless driver in the outside motorway lane. The police are likely to be handing out penalties for that aswell, along with other driving offences which are deemed inconsiderate like talking on mobile phones and tailgating.

Who is most likely to hog the middle lane of the motorway?

According to the research, young drivers who are aged between 18 and 24 are the most likely to admit that they tend to hog the middle lane, with 41% admitting to this during the survey. Those aged 45-54 were the least likely to admit to it.

If you look at it regionally, it is London drivers who are the most guilty, with 36% admitting to hogging the middle lane, whilst the results amongst Humberside and Yorkshire drivers at 24% suggest that their discipline in the motorway lanes in the best.

London drivers are also the worst when it comes to sticking to the third lane on the motorway, with 7% admitting that they do this, least likely to do this are drivers from Scotland and Northern Ireland, with 2% for both areas.