Ford will be selling it’s iconic Mustang model in Australia and New Zealand it was announced yesterday.

There was not much more revealed than the fact that the car will be right hand drive and that it is an extremely well known model, as part of an event in Sydney that was unleashing the latest company vehicles in it’s push towards it’s global model mix, One Ford.

The engine options of the Mustang were not covered at the event, though it is expected that there will be one of the direct injection turbo Ecoboost four cylinders into the mix. Buyers of performance cars will be able to hop in behind the wheel of the prestigious Mustang when it returns as right hand drive to Asutralia, VP Jim Farley, who is the executive of Ford said. He went on to say that customers have a unique connection with the Mustang. It speaks to who they are and allows them to enjoy their journey and the freedom that the car brings like never before. One Ford is opening up the door for Australians and consumers Worldwide to the companies best ever Vehicle portfolio, giving them fresh new reasons to stand up and notice Ford again. He finished off by saying that the Ford Mustang is one of these vehicles.

As was expected, the 1.0 litre three cylinder Ecoboost Ford Fiesta was also announced at the event, followed by the next generation Mondeo, which has an Aston Martin style grille. The Mondeo will include a brand new engine option the 1500cc direct injection Ecoboost.

The Ford Falcon 2014 was also given a sneak preview, though details were once again rather light on this model. Commercial vehicles and SUV’s (Sports Utility Vehicles) were high on the agenda at the event, including the Ford Kuga, EcoSport, Territory, Transit and the hugely successful Ranger.

Ford also shoes it’s Australian Designed concept, Everest

The company also showed it’s Australian designed concept, Everest, which is a more hardcore off road vehicle with seven seats.

Alan Mulally, who is the CEO of Ford glossed over some of the recent negative announcements and underlined the commitment of the company to the Australian market by unveiling a video that focused on the history of the company in the country.