Ford’s Uk Boss has warned that they will be romping up the the amount of Ford’s that they pre-register this year in comparison to last year.

There are pros and cons for pre-registering new vehicles. Yes the manufacturer maintains market share and yes the prices tend to be less expensive. Don’t forget that market share is a major indicator of any manufacturer Ford included. But and as always it is a big BUT this can and does de-value and increase the rate of depreciation for the manufacturer and ultimately us the end user.

After all if you have paid £15,000 for your new Ford car but you can buy a 3 month old pre registered Ford the same model for just £10,000 the part exchange price you are offered will be adjusted to reflect this. As would any settlement that you are offered if your vehicle is written off.

So it will be with mixed reviews that the Ford warning will be received with.

At the Geneva Motor Show the head of Ford Uk Mark Ovenden is reported to have said UK will be expected to take the brunt of product supply due to the weak European market.

In fact the practise of pre-registrations is blamed for a long hot summer of unhappy car dealers as according to a recent survey 98,500 new vehicles where registered this way.

This is also a stark contrast from Fords main competitor Vauxhall who also recently announced that they would be moving away from the stack them high sell them cheap art of pre-registrations and instead concentrating on premium vehicles.

So who has their sales budgets pointed in the right way? Ford or Vauxhall’s?

Only time will tell if Ford will win the battle or if this type of marketing is what we want and as always it will be us the Great British public who will decide with our purse strings.