It may come as no surprise to know that at buy gap insurance we advocate that customers, website visitors and members of the public are given all the facts about their gap insurance, how it works and what it does.

So it is a huge honor that the financial giant Defaqto have turned their attention to the world of gap insurance.

Defaqto is a prestigious organisation who strip away all the marketing, all the pretty pictures and sales blurb and simply concentrate on what the policy does. In fact they rate many many types of financial products, from car insurance to credit cards. Their aim is to give all members of the public the factual data they need so that they can make real informed choices. No gimmicks just real information.

This no gimmick philosophy is something which our website sponsors Aequitas Automotive Limited have championed for a long time and it is a huge accolade that they have just been rated as 5 star.

What happens in reality is that the team at Defaqto pull apart each individual policy term and condition and rate them accordingly depending upon their separate terms and conditions.

There lowest rating is a one star ranging all the way up to a 5 star.

Aequitas Automotive Limited are proud to have been 5 Star Rated not just once but in fact 6 times.

In both cases Aqeuitas’s two online brands Gap Insurance 123 and Easy Gap Insurance, Return to invoice Gap insurance, vehicle replacement insurance and finance gap insurance  where rated as 5 star.

A spokes person for Aequitas Nicole Simmons said ” We are genuinely pleased that such a iconic institution such has Defaqto have turned their attention to the world of Gap insurance. In our opinion the market has been over complicated and this has meant that it has been difficult for customers to be able to compare various policies. Yes our stance of value for money remains the same however we are over the moon that customers will now be able to compare not only price but policy features as well. After all policy features should only ever be the real barometer to measure any policy by with value for money a close second.”

So why not check your brokers or dealerships gap insurance policies and make you own mind up!