We know that buying gap insurance online can seem confusing. First you have to think about the level of cover you want. Return to invoice finance or vehicle replacement. So even when you have done what you think is the hardest part and made an informed choice about protection levels you arwe then presented with the adisous task of picking a claim limit.

Did you know that your gap insurance claim limit is in fact just as important as the policy?

This is because no matter which level of gap insurance you chose or for how long your gap insurance claim limit is the maximum amount hat you will ever be able to claim.

We know that many members of the public are either considering or simply not being given the correct advice when it comes to electing for a claim limit and this is exceptionally dangerous. After all no matter when your vehicle is written off if you have had the foresight to protect yourself with a form of gap insurance you would be forgiven that it would perform. That is to say if you have chose a form of return to invoice gap insurance between your own motor insurance company and your gap insurance policy you would expect your policy to take you back to the invoice price.

So imagine how upset, frustrated and aggrieved you would be if when you made a claim you found that your gap insurance claim limit was not big enough to be able to pay you in full. We had an email form a customer who had bought a very expensive and very desirable BMW. ( amazing car) he was paying £35,000 and wanted cover for just three years.

He had been advised that a £15,000 claim limit would be enough to protect him.

Clearly this is not the case as should anything happen towards the end of the third year he would be running the risk of his claim limit not being big enough to perform.

Yes gap insurance is all about choice, your vehicle, your money and ultimately you who will have to deal with any financial shortfalls, however please do not be tempted into buying policies which although at first glance may seem a few pounds cheaper could ultimately leave you very much still exposed.