Well Done Chrysler!

Well Done Chrysler!

Chrysler UK are joining the like of the Volkswagen group,  BMW and other prestige manufacturers in publishing their customer satisfaction results in real time on the Internet.

In fact Chrysler UK has launched a nationwide scheme in the using the Motor Codes government backed ‘code survey’.

This means that each week customers the length and breath of the UK will be asked to take part in a short survey following a visit to the service department. So if its been a routine service or a major repair each and every customer will be asked to rate the garage and its performance.

Dealers and possible new customers will see a live ‘satisfaction score’ appear on their own Motor Codes profile page which should help customers to make an informed choice about where to take their cars based on real life feedback from real customers. So imagine that before you book your next service you can see real time feedback comments on the dealership.? Warts and all. It does however show confidence in the brands dealer network . This will also reward dealerships that really do look after their customers with an increase in customers and loyalty.

This is a brave move by Chrysler and one that I think we will all agree will really help the brand raise awarness as well as showing an air of transparancey. Aftre all these will be real time live feedbacks, and who is better qualifies to say how good or bad the service offered was then us the great British Public.

Metin Tahsin, customer relationship manager, Chrysler UK, said: “We still have much work to do as we strive to raise our standards even higher. “However, the Motor Codes scheme will provide even greater peace of mind to customers, as our dealers publicly demonstrate their high standards.”


Well doen Chrysler!