The Ford Focus has knocked a super mini off the top of the UK’s bet selling used car for the first time since 2007.

Recent statistics released by Experian shows that the Focus was the best selling used car of 2012.

Its not all bad for Ford as the model that the Focus knocked off the top spot was the nations favorite the Fiesta which was knocked into second place.

The so called super-mini sector of the car industry have dominated the used car market for the last 5 years with cars such as the Ford fiesta, Corsa , Punto and Polo ) It is in fact testament to the appeal of the Ford Focus that even despite of this it made its way back to the top of best selling used car list with an almost 5 % increase seeing off superstar rivals such as the Corsa.

According to the statistics another major winner was the 4×4 market with a staggering rise of 5.2 % in comparison with 2011 sales figures. This is welcome news to Land Rover with the Free-lander managing to lure a 4.5 % increase in figures alone.

Ford shared the limelight with duel fuel cars as sales increased by a outstanding 47%. so our search for green cars looks set to continue with the Prius scooping a massive 35.7 % alone.

So which models lost out to the Ford Focus?

For the first time since 2005 sales of MPV ( multi activity vehicles ) fell by 1.1%

In total the used car market fell in 2012 down to 6743,080 compared to 67468,759 in 2011

The UK however is still a divided nation with the North of England and Scotland preferring to buy Vauxhall and Ford the brand of choice for the South East, South West, East Anglia, West Midlands and Wales.

The only part of the UK to completely ignore this tend was Greater London who prefer larger cars and whose model of choice is the BMW 3 series.

So which car would you choose, the Ford Focus or something else?

We think that the success of the Ford Focus is down it its value for money and specification but as always why not let us now what you think?