The government has sometime understood the public’s  annoyance of motor insurance price rises caused as a result of  fraudulent claims and the whole profit makes business’s which surround them.

The was a meeting held on Wednesday, Chief executives from many major insurance companies and government ministers attended in which the government at least promised tougher action against the UK’s whiplash claim’s  culture. Aftre all this costs us all millions of pounds each year.

They discussed  such as making it easier for insurance companies to be able to turn down fraudulent and un-fair claims.

They also discussed providing help for doctors to correctly identify whiplash. After all whiplash and back pain is one of the hardest medical conditions to prove.

The claim culture is nothing new and has been around from some time. We hope that this will not become a witch hunt. After all insurance is there to protect you should the worse happen. That said stopping fraudulent and un fair claims would mean lower policy premiums for us all.

Insurance companies are business’s and they will naturally absorb some loss’s but over time the sheer volume of claims being made has compounded the price rising we have all experienced.

So lets hope that the ministers, government bodies and insurance companies reach a balance of interests which still allows protection but discourages over zealous claims.

Why not let us know how you you discourage un-fair insurance claims, perhaps tougher penalties?