Get  a Hyundai  Gap Insurance  quotation and make your own mind up!

Get a Hyundai Gap Insurance quotation and make your own mind up!

Are you looking for more information about Hyundai Gap insurance?

If you are reading this then you are most likely just about to buy a Hyundai and your local dealership has just spoken to you about their form of gap insurance. You may not have heard of gap insurance before but is actually a very easy and very common form of insurance.  Normally your dealership will have quoted you anywhere from £395 up to the most I have heard of was a staggering £895. 

So what is gap insurance and how can it protect your Hyundai?

Let me explain. You have just bought a Hyundai and paid lets say £10,000. Two years later you car skids on black ice, thank fully no-one is hurt but your pride and joy is written off. Your motor insurance company pay you your Hyundai’s market value on the day it was written off and you get a cheque for £6500.

Not nice, you have just had an accident you have no car and you have lost £3500.

Gap insurance can protect you against this. Depending upon the level of cover you choose. So before you get prices take time out and decide how you want you gap insurance to protect you.

Did you pay for your Hyundai using contract hire or finance with a small deposit? OK why not look at finance gap insurance insurance?

Did you pay for you Hyundai in cash for take finance with a larger deposit? OK why not look at return to invoice gap insurance?

Do you simply want your gap insurance to replace your Hyundai on a like for like basis. For example you bought a two month old car and you want the same again even if the price has gone up? – OK why not look at vehicle replacement gap insurance.

If you are shopping on line please do not be alarmed at the difference in prices compared to your Hyundai dealership.

There will be no difference in levels of cover.

Instead when you buy gap insurance on line for your Hyundai you are just getting better value for money.