Hyundai have committed to raising dealership levels and have put its money where its mouth is with the opening of a purpose built academy in High Wycombe.

The centre has a mock up of a two car showroom and a 7 bay workshop. It also has multi media classrooms. In fact they hope to train over 16,000 delegates from the dealership networks and head office teams.

Hyundai 's New Academy

Hyundai 's New Academy

The brand have realised that by raising levels of customer satisfaction and even experience they will grow sales. After all it has not been just about how good the car is for a long time. In fact no-one building bad cars it just that some manufactures build better ones and give their customers a real experience both before and after sale.

Hyundai has big ambitions of becoming a 5% market share player in the UK new car market.

Tony White-horn said  “We’ve tried to get real consistency with production, advertising, communication and the look and feel of dealerships with the new showroom identity, but we need more consistency with regards to process, skill sets and methods. The best way is through training and development. We don’t want to take personality out of people, but we want a minimum standard of process and skill set.”

In fact Hyundai aims to sell 65,000 vehicles this year alone.

A tall order when you consider that that is double the amount they sold less than three years ago and will put them ahead of old rivals in claiming market share.

Although Hyundai’s strengths lie in the retail market as they have yet to make a real impression in the fleet markets. As a result of this they have recently collaborated with ALD to form Hyundai Contract hire.

We wish Hyundai well and hope that their mantra of a constant well delivered customer experience and value for money will give them the increases in registrations.