Its a nice thought but if gap insurance was free we would all have it. Wouldn’t you like the idea of either having your finance covered, getting your money back or even replacing your vehicle.

Ok back to earth unfortunately gap insurance is not free.

So the age old question of if gap insurance is worth it depends on you and your personal circumstances. Unfortunately times are not easy and you can not switch on the TV, read a newspaper or log on to the Internet without hearing about some snip it how we are all looking at ways to make our money go further.

Gap insurance can give you extra peace of mind so that if something dose happen at least the financial aspect is something you don’t need to worry about. After all while no of us plan to to have our vehicles stolen plenty are. While no one plans to be involved in an accident many many occur every day. When the un thinkable happens the last thing you should be worried about is the financial aspect.

In fact an estimated 600,000 vehicles are written off in the uk each year.

If you can easily write a cheque for another vehicle and don’t mind using your hard earned cash to do so well hey gap insurance is not for you.

If like most of us you don’t like the idea of spending any savings you have or re-financing for a vehicle you no longer can use you should at least consider gap insurance.

If Gap Insurance was free we would all have it!

If Gap Insurance was free we would all have it!

Simply type gap insurance uk in to Google. Depending upon the gap insurance supplier you chose you may have to answer a few qualifying questions then you can get your quote.

You can compare the levels of gap insurance and see which one is the best for you. Which one protects you the way you want it to.

Either way read the gap insurance policy, compare quotes and make your own informed choice.