Just in case you do have a spare £84450 lying around for fancy raiding the piggy bank Nissan have got a real Boys Toys Idea in the form of the Nissan GT-R ” Track Pack ”

With just 22 Nissan dealership in the UK being able to promote the car we are sure it will be in high demand.

This version of the GT – R was made fro the rel enthusiasts who wanted something that they could use for fun on track days and still be road legal.

Surprisingly the New Nissan GT-R is exactly the same speed as the standard model which is a very respectable 0-62 in 2.8 seconds.

The however some big differences with the new Nissan loosing its back seats. Instead it now has two track ready front sports seats, upholstered in part leather. The special high friction fabric has been designed to help to keep the driver and passenger to the seats during track day cornering and braking.

Special suspension means that the Nissan is more fun on the track with adjustable dampers which can be used or switched  to road use.

Just to make us feel even more special the new Nissan GT-R ‘Track Pack’ is only available to Japanese and Uk owners.