Jeremy Clarkson is know for his forthright, outspoken attitude.

Clarkson fuels uproar!

Clarkson fuels uproar!

Millions of us tune in each Sunday to see Top Gear which is now more about the antics of Clarkson and his partners in crime than the cars.  It is after all an entertainment show. The show’r right are sold all over the world and net the BBC Millions.

That said Clarkson appreared on the BBC’s One show to promote his new DVD and has parked a public uproar.

His comments about suicide and public sector strikes where certainly over stepping the boundaries and at best upsetting and distasteful. But you can not switch on a computer, log on to a message board or watch TV without seeing Jemery’s name.

So was this all just a mega marketing poly by Clarkson and his marketing team?

Christmas is quickly approaching and the sales of DVD’s and associated marketing is big business. Really big profitable  business. Celebs and media moguls and marketing companies all vying for our attention and ultimately our hard earn cash. So was this outburst a twist on the old ” no publicity  is bad publicity” adage?

No I don’t think so I think that in this case Mr Clarkson simply over stepped the boundaries of good taste for pure shock comic value and to get a response. After all no-one could ever say those comments and really mean them. Clarkson is a family man and I have traditionally always been a fan but his comments were way over any realm of common decency. I do not think for one minute that the physically wanted his actions to be carried out but totally understand how upsetting they could be to people affected by the issues.  (I hope that we never have cause to find out). 

Love Clarkson or hate him the jury is still out but only us the great British public can decide.